April 18, 2011

Sky Blue Weekend.

 It was an unforgettable trip! So much laughter and funny situations for one day. And I can't stop saying : it's just craаааzy spring :) After the routine of winter, it's like an explosion! 
Оk,what about this look.Velveteen coat and shoes on wooden heels.Only two colors + scarf and buttons. Quite simply, accessories are not needed, so it's comfortable and uncomplicated.

And the last, I want to tell you about casting. It was really really funny hahaha :) 
Ukraine doesn't lag  and makes more and more TV shows.
It all happened by chance, but I'm very happy about that experience that I have now. Sing, dance and laugh, really  it's all about this! 

Totally non-standard weekend!

April 1, 2011

The River.

Music: Yiruma - River flows in you


Finally, the weather in my town get warm! I hope so it will remain. Lately I've been very busy,so I can't spend enough time for my blog :(
A lot of ideas spinning in my head,a lot of plans..I hope to implement some soon.

Ok,what about this look.
 I tried to convey the mood of spring, light-heartedness and joy! That I am really  missing now :)

jacket- Terranova
shoes - Bershka
skirt- Zara
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